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$1150 USD

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Spring has sprung here in San Diego which means lots of visitors coming to visit! Whether you are playing hostess to friends or family coming to vacation in San Diego or are getting ready to host a springtime event, our Room Makeover (Made Easy) Service creates a welcoming home for your guests.

Limited appointments available.

Here's what's included:

  •   A pre-Home Styling walk through of your home to get a lay of the land. I will take some photos and I can get a sense of the room that we will be making over.
  •   I'll be taking a visual inventory of the items you already have in your home and how everything is laid out.
  •   You'll show me where you keep all of the goodies like candles, vases, fabrics, ceramics, textiles etc.
  •   I may suggest that we buy a few inexpensive styling items to give it that Magazine Look, like fresh flowers, plants, books etc.

The process is very simple…

This is a seasonal offering with limited availability so be sure to book your appointment early!

On Makeover Day, I will arrive with a Design Associate and we will clear the room except for large pieces of furniture.

We may do some or all of the following…

  •   Tweak your furniture plan to create better flow.

  •   Arrange vignettes throughout your space.

  •   Remix and/or rehang your current wall decor.

  •   Repurpose items from in a new way or give it a new use.

  •   Repurpose items from one room and move it to another.

  •   Edit down a collection so that it shows well in your home or we may create a collection using items stored away.

  •   "Shop" and "Treasure Hunt" the cabinets, closets, other rooms or storage spaces in your home so that you can live beautifully with items that you already own and love.

  •   Make you smile when you see the final result!